The team

Our team

All members of PLANET’NGO are volunteers.

We are always on the look out for good volunteers to enrich our services in fields linked to setting up partnerships, fund raising, communication, web marketing, IT development, management…

If you would like to contribute to our development, please contact Caroline mentioning what skills, experience, tastes, talents, wishes you have to offer.

These people are the operational team members, but there are numerous other volunteers and people on a company internship  who have already given us a helping hand in various fields: Duc-An, Françoise, Hugues, Mumu, Angelina, Antoine, Marianne, Daphné, Adolphe, Yann, Catherine, Philippe, Sandra…

We would also particularly like to thank the numerous translators who are very often asked to help out: Grainne, Vanesa, Matthew, Lidia, Yvette, Maribel, Omaira, Senja, Margaux, Elodie, Quentin, Patricia, Yael, …

Caroline Herbert

After a career of more than 15 years in Marketing and Communication, Caroline took a close look at the powerful media offered by Internet and she trained as a Multimedia Projects Developer. As she adores travelling, it was during an extended trip to Asia that she encountered many local community organisations who were suffering from lack of communication and unable to obtain the means of continuing with their actions. While, at the same time, powerful organisations were finding it difficult to use up all their budgets. Via PLANET’NGO, she hopes to contribute to a better balance in developmental aid by highlighting the smallest NGOs’ projects.
 There at the outset of the PLANET’NGO project in 2007, Caroline is the President founder of this community organisation and is in charge of its development. She lives partly in France and partly in Thailand.
Joshua Darche
Composer-Producer-Publisher in the audiovisual field, Joshua divides his professional life between Paris and Marseille. Numerous trips to the four corners of the planet, both in a professional and in a private capacity, opened his eyes to the difficulties encountered by numerous small NGOs who are excluded from the ” charity ball “. He was very much attracted by Caroline’s project, which seemed so obvious and yet so novel, and he accepted, when she asked, to take on the role as President of the association and to bring it to the attention of institutions and partners. After four years, he became Honorary President.
Latitia Ménard
After several years working in commerce and insurance, Latitia felt that she needed to feel of use to society and moved on to a new professional horizon. :  this time on the social side. However, it was while she was studying to be a social worker that she grew more and more interested in the NGO world. As she adores travelling, she combined the pleasure of discovery with this interest while working abroad as a trainee in a Senegalese NGO. Following this experience, the idea of getting involved, understanding, making the most of opportunities or even being disoriented by countries, cultures, landscapes or populations throughout the world, all these became factors for personal enrichment for her.  Difference, lack, too much, too little … words that don’t have the same meaning depending on where one is in the world or in one’s life.  During one of these trips, Latitia met Caroline and realised that they shared the same philosophy about aid and human dignity. Her commitment to PLANET’NGO became clear and she was elected Secretary General of the Association in August 2011.
Laurence Michel
Laurence has a Masters in Management Science and a DESS (Post-graduate diploma) in  Management Control. For 10 years, she worked in various financial areas, both on the operational side and in more functional positions. After the birth of her two children, she wished to make a career break for two main reasons: she wanted to be able to take care of her children and to offer her skills to some humanitarian cause. The PLANET’NGO concept interested her right from the word go and she has been taking care of the financial management of this association for a little more than a year now, in the role of Treasurer.
Cécile Quinon
A graduate from the IEP in Strasbourg, Cécile has always been fascinated by Central Europe. Following her Erasmus year spent in Cracow in Poland, she then took a Masters in European Politics at Wroclaw University and was recruited to work for Google in the same town. After two years working in the customers service department with Google AdWords, Cécile decided to change her outlook and has since turned towards work in the web marketing sector. She adores travelling, learning about other civilisations and living in an international environment. Since the beginning of November 2010, Cécile has started managing the AdWords publicity campaigns for PLANET’NGO and is delighted that her web marketing expertise is able to be used to help the small NGOs’ cause. After Poland, she is currently living in Belgium.
Andrea Bauer-Vaugan
A real internet fan since the age of 15, backed up by several years experience with large French e-traders, and currently working in a direct, interactive marketing agency, Andrea is a Web marketing and email specialist. While looking for a community organisation where she could offer her skills, she met Caroline. She was immediately convinced that the small associations would be interested in what PLANET’NGO’s was proposing  and offered her support within the area of communication via internet. Newsletters, Blog, Facebook, Twitter : her aim is to let people know about PLANET’NGO’s initiative  and about all the small community organisations who are carrying out incredible work every day!
Elodie Harte
Being someone who is very open to worldwide subjects and very interested in foreign cultures, Elodie obtained her MA in Applied Foreign Languages specializing in the management of international projects and awareness of intercultural differences. She started her professional career in the wine and spirits domain, with responsibility for Hispanic countries. Afterwards, she moved into the area of educational and pedagogical toys with an international company. She is very aware of the principles of fair trade particularly in Latin America and it was during some of those unexpected meetings that life has in store for us that she became conscious of the richness represented by intercultural exchange . She is naturally altruistic and convinced that it is through exchanging and sharing that we can learn the most. It was when she was seeking for an association which conveyed human values that she met Caroline. Since 2010, she has been responsible for translations into Spanish and for some months now she has been in charge of press relations with the Spanish media aiming to contribute to the promotion of PLANET’NGO on an international basis.

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  1. paul mwaura says:

    in fact I am feell impressed by your work, can I join you and my group

  2. Robert Gathara says:

    Your works will be treasured through out the ages

  3. Il est bon de s’engager

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