What is PLANET’NGO ?

Myriad actions for our planet

In France and throughout the world, millions of small NGOs, unknown to the general public, take part in preserving the natural wealth of our planet. Day after day, these small groups, with very little means and without making much noise, carry out an infinite number of neighbourhood actions which complete and consolidate those  of the huge environmental and humanitarian organisations.

Unfortunately, through lack of support, many are forced to abandon their projects and disappear, taking with them the hopes that they have aroused within their communities.

It is vital that each country ‘s community network should be protected and that the  motivation that stems from such good will should be maintained. ; guided by those participants who live locally and on a permanent basis it will be possible to contribute in the most suitable way to the protection of these areas and the well-being of their populations.

PLANET’NGO’s aim is to promote actions carried out be small, local NGOs  throughout the world. This is our way of offering a new kind of solidarity which is concentrates more on the local needs, allowing each person to help out to the best of their ability.

Through its trilingual community portal and by activating numerous internet intermediaries, PLANET’NGO is acting as a mutual communication service for the small community organisations who are working for solidarity and the environment and who only have access to very few ways of making themselves known and of obtaining support. We present their projects and needs to a wider audience who are thus able to assist them in accomplishing their objectives through concrete ways.

This blog is intended to reach all those who believe that even the smallest amount of support is useful and that everyone can contribute to attaining the Millennium Development Goals.

Any comments on the postings are welcome. Any harmful or xenophobic suggestions will be banned immediately from this space which is intended to be a place for friendly exchanges.

You may also put forward ideas for posts for the blog by sending a request to Andrea or Caroline.

Click HERE to find the PLANET’NGO official Website

4 Responses to What is PLANET’NGO ?

  1. paul raj s says:

    i am a ngo. i am in indin at tamil nadu.

    • planetngo says:

      If you work for an association, you can submit your work, your projects and your needs, both human and financial or material, directly to our http://www.planetngo.org/planetngo-en.html site. In this way, you will give yourselves the chance to make them known to targets who wish to invest in sustainable development. Simply click on “Small NGO, Register” and follow the indications. Please read the conditions of registration.

  2. You are working on a new kind of solidarity which is concentrates more on the local needs and allowing each person to help out to the best of their ability. This is a great job done by you..There are many NGO’s working on the same issues like pacs

  3. Peter Umarwoth says:

    I’m interested in PLANET’NGO’s support for the 3 small NGOs I had helped to establish, but are now silent for many years

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