Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra is one of the pioneer organization in Bihar, a true grass root presence and architect of creating professionals interested in Health, education, child rights, Women development, Handicapped Development and natural resource management of the communities living under economic hardship, at outreach localities devoid of adequate access to basic services – a true friend of people at the bottom of the pyramid in the community.

Women empowerment

Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra is a glaring example how an organization takes its birth from the local level issues gradually builds its strength and moves forward to focus on the broader social issues and concerns as a response to the localized needs. It was 2004 when a group of youth started struggling against flood and water logging issues in the Patna Ward No 17 of Patna district Bihar on one would have dreamed to the extent that an organization like present day Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra would take its birth. It formed by these concerned individual became the edifice which first raised issue related to poor and education right to children with support from external stakeholders a non-profit, non-political, non- religious, philanthropic organization named Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra came into existence. The body was registered under Indian Societies Registration Act in the year 2004-2005.

Currently Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra extended its services to more than 5 State and 14 lakhs of population of 46 block 137 village and 75 panchayats in India our main target audience is Schedule Castes schedule tribes and women.

The Year 2010-11 remained as one of the most happening year for the Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra. The efforts put up by those associated with Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra yield results in numerous ways and the result for the same could be seen from the numeric indicators.

The major project implemented gathered tremendous people’s response that acts as a source of encouragement for us at Pawansut Servangin Vikas Kendra:
A. Formation & Strengthening of Self Help Groups
B. Institution Development
C. Disaster Management
D. Natural Resource Management and Promotion of Livelihood Programme
E. Preventive and Curative Health
F. Primary Education
G. Gender Issue
H. Child Rights Programme
I. Health Checkup Camp
J. Plantation.
K. Agriculture Development
L. Goat & Cow Rearing

FOR MORE INFORMATION about this association and how you can help, have a look at its NGO file.
We can also provide you with its Activity Report upon request.

Ce témoignage vous a plu ?
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